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A picture of @meagansternberg’s creativity. She painted the piano, the clock and even the beautiful wildflowers in the artwork above. And this is just one example on one wall of our house. She’s got mad skills. 😍

Ok, last one of this, no more “sneak peeks”. This was a really fun project where I got to practice my #shousugiban skills, learned how to work with LED light tape, and utilized a “French cleat” for the first time, to secure it to the wall. Proud to have this hang in @generationschch lobby!

A little pier stroll with the fam, friends, and my bride by my side.

The pier was beautiful this evening, even with its crazy oompa loompa lighting.

Another sneak peak, seizure mode. #ledlights

Sneak peek #shousugiban

Howdy neighbor #🐍

@iamwilderwoods put on an incredible show.🔥🔥🔥

Here to see @iamwilderwoods with my lady!

Going to see @iamwilderwoods this Friday and pretty pumped. Had to learn this song, “Someday Soon”… turns out, it’s drop-tuned. 🧐 ignore my singing, I’m no @bearrinehart3.

Saw this beautiful song in @savannah_locke’s feed. Not sure if it’s released anywhere, but I love it. Ignore the botched chord. Courage to the weary: ⠀ Daughter, You’re stronger Than you know For I am in you Always with you Don’t let go ⠀ Daughter, You’re covered With singing Let your guard down Every wall now I’m listening ⠀ You will make it through This in not the end For I am with you What could stand against?

August 7, 2019 (8:00 am)


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