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Hard to fit it all in a picture, so here’s some different angles. A few people asked if I got all the ink in one sitting. No, the lion was 1 sitting, the quote/filigree another, and the newest is the space/constellation. Parts 1,2 – @brianleebricktattoos, Part 3 – @mwhitetattoos87. They’re both incredible artists.

I got meteors shooting out of my armpits now. So… good tattoo day. @mwhitetattoos87 it was an absolute pleasure (except, y’know, the pain part), thank you soooo much! Will post more pics when I get the funky plastic wrap off.

@meagansternberg got the kids out of bed for a pajama-snow party (because she’s the best mom) ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

Carolina Snow

All I want for Christmas is you

Joseph doing his swing thing

Makin’ my #MZshelfie.

Impossible to capture

Out of caption ideas.

Just kidding… had to do this one. It’s my patriotic duty.


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