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😍🤯 crazy mind blowing sky last night during my 🚲 ride

I can see why people pick up golfing

Time lapse — leaving Nassau heading back out to sea. This took about 15 minutes total. Incredible how these captains turn these giant floating hotels around in these channels so smoothly. If you weren’t looking out the window, you’d hardly know we even left. 🤯

So much beauty on this trip. Thankful I get to take her back home with me. #15years

Mid-Atlantic painted sunset. Yowzaz.

More sunsets 🌅

Southport sunsets are definitely not drab #latergram

Hidden in plain sight

Praying for me. Thanks itty bitty buddy.

Happy Mother’s Day! Words can’t truly express our love for you, or what you mean to us, but we’re happy to keep trying. We love you!!

This crazy guy did this crazy slide with me a couple times today. And we did another slide 10 times in a row. It’s tough work, but someone’s gotta do it.

I got the first “appointment” in @poiemasalonandspa. 😁 looking forward to many more! So proud of @meagansternberg and @leah_and_chad !


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