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Hurricane Michael’s sending some rain bands to make our acquaintance.

Sometimes you just gotta try things. Like making your djembe into a foot drum.

New ink. Lots of meaning. He used the actual roses that I gave Meagan as part of my proposal. Their varying levels of bloom representing the past, present and future. Now they represent my beautiful bride, and my 3 beautiful kids. I’m a blessed man. This is a reminder. Thank you so much to @thegoldenharvest, who did an outstanding job.

I Am Street. Southport, NC.

It’s good to be home.

Mia turned 11 two days ago. And her transformation to a mermaid is now complete. 🧜‍♀️

As always, @brianleebricktattoos killed it. So happy about this one. #guitartattoo

salmon + basil

(piano) practice makes perfect

🐢 photobomb (can you see it?)


The Zoo Crew


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